The Egypt Project is an exchange project related to both contemporary and traditional music from Egypt, launched by Swiss Contemporary Music Duo UMS 'n JIP in spring 2015 in collaboration with European-Egyptian Contemporary Music Society, Cairo Contemporary Music Days and Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble ECME.

EECMS. In close collaboration with leading ensembles worldwide, The EECMS has become one of the first promoters of contemporary music in Egypt. Hence, the European-Egyptian Contemporary Music Society e.V. was established in 2010 as a non-profit organization based in Germany. In April/May 2011, despite the unstable situation in Cairo, the EECMS has managed to realize a highly successful edition of the Cairo Contemporary Music Days which then became an annual event. The EECMS is currently represented in the British Council International Contemporary Music Delegation, KAMS Korea, ISPA New York and Full associate member of the International Society fo Contemporary Music ISCM.

CCMD. Cairo Contemporary Music Days is an annual contemporary music festival chaired by the EECMS in collaboration with the American University of Cairo, and as this one of the most important and influent show cases for both Egyptian and international contemporary music in Egypt. It has been founded in 2011.

ECME. Established by the EECMS in 2010, the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble (ECME) presents a series of new music concerts as Guest Artists of the Department of the Arts at the American University in Cairo. This gathering of some of the finest Egyptian musicians from several generations plays an important role in fostering contemporary composition and performance in Egypt today. The ECME has over a very short period of time become an eminent cultural ambassador for Egypt.